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Bernedoodle looking you straight in the eye!

We love hearing updates from our puppy families and seeing how they've grown!

Reviews From Our Puppy Families

Chocolate & white Bernedoodle


From Janeya and her puppy Woody~

First off let me say, i was super skeptical about finding a breeder online. I've been to dog parks over 100 times, I have asked 100's of people about their breeders. And everyone was giving me websites that they purchased their dogs through a 3rd party which i DID NOT like due to alot of scamming going on. Some how researching and browsing late nights I stumbled upon BLESSINGS BERNEDOODLES. and before writing Melissa I have watched her post and her page non stop over and over. Every video. Every comment.

I know it sounds like a stalker. But I was only doing it this way to be extra cautious. Through her post i've felt it in my heart I can trust Melissa. And with that being said. I wrote her. She was even super sweet and patient with me and made some serious accommodations for me for a slight charge. When I was unable to take my pup home on go home day. So she and her family found it in they're hearts to hold Woody longer for me. She is super sweet and responds quickly and doesn't have any problems answering a thousand questions even if you think its a stupid question, I say still ask. She even kept me up to date with pictures and videos while I waited on my pup to come home. She has no problem facetiming to show she's legit. Melissa is there to answer all questions. So with that being said I 100% recommend her. I'm looking forward to adding a brother for Woody in the near future. ONLY FROM MELISSA. Im super happy my research is over. Thank you Melissa & family for my sweet baby Woody. We love him So00000000000000000 much!

Piper at the wheel in control!

From Piper’s Mom~

Just wanted to let you know Piper is doing so good.  She is learning so much so fast; sit, lay down, shake, stay, come and down. She sleeps all night and doesn’t have an accident. She sleeps next to me on her bed until 6:00/7 am. Then potty, play and walk. She is doing very well with potty training. I am pretty much right behind her at every moment to redirect her when needed. We love her so much!!!

Liberty, beach-life travelin' Bernedoodle

From Alison and her puppy, Liberty~ 

Hello, just wanted to send a quick update on liberty! she truly is such an amazing dog.she’s such a sweetheart, is so adaptable to our lifestyle of travel and daily adventures as well as being our new office pup, and overall just so energetic, healthy, and happy! We wanted to thank you again for breeding and giving such a blessing into our lives! 

Chewy flew to California!

From Jessica and her puppy, Chewy~        

I have always dreamed of owning a hypoallergenic dog and when I came across the Bernedoodle breed- I instantly fell in love! I had no prior knowledge as to what kind, what type, their characteristics, or how much maintenance is required to care for the doodle dogs. I was nervous about all of these factors until I met Melissa. I made contact with her several times over a year before being ready to get our pup and each conversation was met with grace, knowledge and a sprinkle of patience (because I asked a lot of questions). 


Then the time came to get our Chewy (or Chewbacca)! Melissa flew over from Texas and hand delivered him right into my arms! What is really comforting even to this day is that I know I can contact Melissa directly if I ever have questions being a first time dog mom, and she continues to be just as kind to help support me!


Our experience with BlessingsPups was truly that, a blessing! Know that your investment goes to a wonderful family as they invest right back into your home with their Bernedoodles. 

Apricot Baylor saved his family from fire!

From Diane and her puppy, Baylor~

Just wanted to let you know that Baylor saved our lives last night. This dog smelled and felt the fire in our garage and if it hadn’t  been for him we would have been dead. He is our “little” angel.

Jinx graduated from obedience training!

From Heidi and her Bernedoodle puppy, Jinx~ 

Hi! Hope things are well with you. Jinx is doing great! She has had all her check-ups and shots, she’s been doing great in training, and had her first grooming today. Oh my goodness! I feel like I picked up a different dog! She was so gorgeous before and wow… she is even more stunning now. Her colors are beautiful! Her coat is soft and sexy. Her form is elegant! Her face is so full of character! And her personality is adorable! She is a female Tigger with FOMO… super social and cuddly! We love her so much! Thanks for working with us. You have blessed us tremendously!

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