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Guardian Home Program


Blessings Pups Doodles is a family breeder of mini-Bernedoodles in the countryside of Waco, Texas.  We raise mini-Bernedoodles and periodically need to find a Guardian Family who lives nearby, preferably within an hour of Waco, Texas. We breed puppies throughout the year, and on occasion designate a female for breeding, or a male stud to be placed into the loving care of a Guardian family. 

We believe every dog deserves to have a forever home as a member of a loving family! Our guardian program ensures all our breeding dogs a happy life in a permanent home with people who love on them daily. Being a guardian family for one or more of our dogs can be an affordable way to have a top quality dog as a family member. Guardian homes allow us to be exceptional breeders - without using kennels. Our guardian families are a crucial part of our program and a precious part of our family!


The dog may be a puppy or a grown Bernedoodle, and will have been selected by us as a prime candidate with quality appearance and positive genetic testing to be bred for the purpose of producing puppy litters, but only when mature/old enough to be a breeding mama, usually within the first 2 years of living with the Guardian Family.

The dog lives in the Guardian home as the family pet - at no cost to the family, other than feeding, grooming and basic health maintenance.  Blessings Pups Doodles retains the sole breeding rights to the dog for a pre-designated period of time. Following the 4-6 breeding cycles common with most puppy-Mamas, the ‘breeding career’ will have been completed.

The female Bernedoodle is then spayed and given back to continue living with the Guardian Family for the rest of her happy years, simply as a family pet, without further breeding requirements.  There is no cost associated for the Guardian Family to ‘re-adopt’ the dog at this time.




Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a guardian family.

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