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John - our dedicated 'Flight Manny'

Flight Nanny

My husband John is our own personal flight nanny. He flies puppies all over the country. Being able to flight nanny is something we really enjoy doing for our puppy families. We love delivering puppies to California. Flight-nannying gives us opportunities to visit family and friends more often.


How does my puppy fly? Does it stress them out?

The puppies fly in a soft shell, airline approved carrier. The carrier is considered our carry on bag and fits perfectly under the seat in front of us. People are always surprised when they see that we had a puppy on the plane. They sleep calmly and don’t make a peep. We make sure and fly a direct flight so that your puppy isn’t in the carrier longer than it has to be. 

What is the Cost for a Flight?
The cost may very at times, but we try to keep the cost as close to $500 as possible. We deliver puppies to Houston, Austin, Dallas, and Fort Worth, Texas. Flight Nanny across America!

Bernedoodle Delivery Day at the airport
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