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Bernedoodle Puppies showered with Love

Puppy Love

How we love and care for our dogs and puppies is the highest priority. We go the extra mile in our pup's lives by giving each one love and attention from the day they are born to the day they join your family. We care about the well-being of each and every puppy, and enjoy staying in contact with our puppy families long after our puppies go home. I am available to answer any questions and help in any way possible!

What is a Bernedoodle?

A Bernedoodle is a cross between a Bernese Mountain dog and a Poodle. Poodles are highly intelligent, yet goofy and fun. Bernese are calm and known for loyalty. This hybrid blends the best of both breeds as well as a longer and healthier life span. Bernedoodles are quite, gentle, and hypoallergenic! My family has been smitten with this wonderful breed!

Bernedoodle Puppy in a Halloween costume
One of our Mama Bernedoodles

What does F1b mean?

F1b in a Bernedoodle: The "F"stands for filial hybrid, this basically means that the Bernedoodle is a hybrid dog that came from two different purebreds, in this case a bernese mountain dog and a poodle. The number 1 means the Bernedoodle parent is first generation. The "b" represents the meaning backcross. Backcross means breeding back to a 100% purebred poodle, making them 25% Bernese Mountain Dog and 75% Poodle. This makes them allergy friendly and non shedding!

What is a multigen?

Multigenerational Bernedoodles are the result of breeding two Bernedoodles together. Multigens are the most predictable as far as temperament, coat type and most desirable traits. They have the same coat benefits as an f1b but have the advantage of being able to maintain 50/50 mix of Poodle to Bernese ratio. This gives them more of the Bernese Mountain Dog personality, structure and coloring. They will have easy to maintain loose wavy hair that is low to non shedding and allergy friendly.  

A Gorgeous Multi-gen Bernedoodle Puppy

One of the many ways we care for our pups is by doing ENS and ESI.

What Is ENS & ESI?


Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) is daily handling of the puppies one at a time while performing five exercises. These exercises have been proven to impact the neurological system by improving cardio-vascular function, better stress tolerance,  and greater disease resistance. 

Puppy getting sensitized to new scents and objects
Puppy getting exercise stimulation


Early Scent Introduction (ESI) presents the puppies with a new scent daily to increase neuroplasticity in neonates (like ‘training the senses’) to prepare dogs for work and everyday life. 

Dog getting lifestyle grooming exposure

Lifestyle Exposure

Following these puppy sensory procedures, we give lifestyle exposure to everyday stressors, such as vacuum cleaners, fireworks, gun shots, etc…
Lifestyle exercises include learning how to climb stairs, managing balance on uneven services, walking on different textures, climbing through tunnels, as well as meeting new people and other pets (etc…) 

As a family-friendly breeder, our goal is to produce well-rounded and confident dogs. 


My puppies are potty-box trained by four weeks old, and then introduced to crate training. They will have a clear distinction between where to potty and where to sleep. This will make house- training much easier for you. We will also teach them to sit by making sure each puppy sits on their bottom before being picked up. Puppy nipping is replaced with positive reinforcement such as a variety of puppy toys.

Puppy getting box-trained
Bernedoodle Puppy discovering new textures

What comes with your puppy?

At eight weeks old, your puppy will be ready for their new home, and they will come to you with:

-    Their first puppy shots & immunizations

-    De-worming

-    Neopar vaccine (extra parvo prevention)

-    A 2-year health guarantee and contract

-    Individual health record

-    30-days FREE pet insurance through Trupanion

-    Small bag of puppy food

-    A Snuggle Puppy

-    A blanket with their littermates scent,

-    AND some extra goodies!

All of our puppies will also be given a full vet-administered health exam, prior to going to their new home.

Our Guarantee

We are proud to offer you a two-year health guarantee as well as a three-day general health guarantee. Our genetic health guarantee ensures you will be given a replacement puppy as one becomes available, should your puppy become genetically ill.

Bernedoodle Puppy sleeping

Puppy Pricing


$3500 for phantom, chocolate, black & white, & parti color
$4500 for tri-color and merle 

Add $1000

*Prices are subject to change.

With Breeding rights:

Flight Nanny Day for Bernedoodle Puppy
Bernedoodle 'dressed-up' with a colorful tie


$500 total deposit made in two payments if puppies are not yet born. $250 to be placed on our list to reserve a puppy and the other $250 is due when puppies are born. this deposit is non-refundable; included in total price). Puppies are claimed on a first come, first served basis upon receipt of your deposit.
While deposits are not refundable, they are transferable. If for some reason, you become unable to take your puppy, you may transfer your deposit to a future litter.

Flight Nanny:

Price depends on current prices of flights. (Please know we try to keep it as close to $500 as possible.)

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