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Stud Service Available 


 Hunter is our AKC brown phantom, Moyen Poodle who is a ball of fun. He enjoys playing with my kids and loves the attention. He is a handsome little guy weighing 35 pounds. He is DNA health tested through Embark and clear for over 170 mutated genes, including 7 common mutated genes in Poodles. We offer doodle-friendly stud services, as well as to full blood poodles. Hunter has one copy of IVDD. He will need to paired with a IVDD clear female. His traits are KyKy, atat, bb. Feel free to contact me for DNA results.

The stud fee for Hunter is $1500
*price subject to change

Our gorgeous brown Phantom Moyen Poodle Hunter
Hunter - photo from the right side
Hunter - from the left side

General Conditions of Service

Stud fee is payable upon first tie of mating. The owner of the stud dog will attempt to mate the female to produce at least two live puppies. Breeding will take place every other day for a total of three ties. One breeding is sufficient if it is peek ovulation day which has to be determined by a progesterone test. 

In the case of two live puppies not born, the owners of the female will be entitled to a repeat breeding by the same dog (if available) to the female on her next heat cycle at no additional charge.

* AI (artificial insemination) is available when needed.

* Progesterone tests are highly recommended for peek day of ovulation.

* Female must be up to date on vaccines.

* We will not be able to keep female at our house.

*Please make sure your female and other dogs you have at home are in good health. We raise puppies at our home and cannot risk parvo or any other illness on our property. If there has been any parvo on your property in the past year you should not be breeding!


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